Is A Sober Coach Right For You?


For those who have had difficulty staying sober in the past, relapse is sometimes expected after addiction treatment. This is not meant to be discouraging, but as addiction is a chronic disease, it is hard to treat and may take some time to adjust to a sober lifestyle. Despite the rate of relapse after treatment being as high as up to 60 percent, you do not have to be a statistic. Working with a sober coach may be the key to success in recovery for those who have experienced prior difficulty maintaining their sobriety.
A sober coach is aware of the variety of barriers addicts face in redefining their life script, participating in healthy surroundings, and forming new, positive alliances in their community. These can be internal barriers such as emotional, spiritual, physical or motivational issues. There may also be external barriers that may interfere with an addict’s ability to address their own needs in relation to transportation, nutrition, housing, work, and socialization.
Working directly with the client and treatment team, a sober coach can help develop a set of specialized outcome goals designed to overcome obstacles. The Sober Coach is also a guide utilizing a vast working knowledge of resources within the community to help, not only navigate the barriers to abstinence, but remove them using a skill set gained through extensive personal experience while teaching by example. The Sober Coach will help a client define exactly what lengths they are willing to go to protect their investment in themselves.
Before being discharged from rehab, be sure to research all the options available to you with your treatment team. Develop a plan of action and stick to it. A sober coach, though unlicensed, is prepared to assist with your recovery by helping you to alter your mindset, and present your sobriety as manageable. They may also be utilized to help you set goals and ensure accountability.
There may be a hard road ahead, but once you’re ready to commit, working with a sober coach can help make transition to recovery after treatment much smoother. A sober coach interfaces with every aspect of your treatment team and your recovery network to help ensure your success.  Come and meet your new sober coach today at Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center!