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You may have heard of the drug MDMA before in reference but never
understood who or what Molly was supposed to be (?) The term ‘Molly’
is slang for molecule and it’s considered to be the pure form of 3,
4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine or MDMA.
MDMA is a synthetic drug which some psychiatrists began to prescribe for
psychotherapy patients in the 70’s. The most disturbing aspect of this decision
was that there had been no formal clinical tests run as to the effects
of the drug.  Not to mention there had been no approval from the Food
and Drug Administration.  The drug was banned by the Drug Enforcement
Agency about the time the drug started appearing on the street.  Today,
it is considered a Schedule I drug, which is reserved for those substances
that have not been determined to have no therapeutic value.
There are many myths about what MDMA will and will not do to the
people who use it.  MDMA triggers the release of large amounts of serotonin,
as well as dopamine and norepinephrine.  This results in feelings of euphoria and
increased energy.  A person becomes way more sociable and his or
her mood gets better.  The high is said to last several hours.
Long periods of MDMA use are said to severely damage your
serotonin receptors to the point of causing short term depression.
After using MDMA one often feels depressed due to the low number of
active serotonin receptors.  However, when one’s serotonin levels are
completely depleted, this depression can last one to two weeks.
Additional side-effects include increased blood pressure, which can
induce heart attacks in persons who have high blood pressure.  It’s also
thought to contribute to seizures in those who are prone to having them.
There has also a great deal of discussion in regards to the
potential fatalities that could be caused by the drug.  A few persons
have reportedly died as a result of taking MDMA, leading some to think
the drug is lethal.  The issue arises because Ecstasy, the street version of
MDMA, is typically laced with other drugs or various substances.
MDMA, on the other hand, is supposed to be the pure version of the drug.
Many teen users most likely to use MDMA will naively assume the drug can’t
harm them if it’s pure. There is no safe batch of MDMA for this very reason.
MDMA or Ecstasy — by either or any name, is an illegal drug.  At the
very least, selling and possessing the drug is risking jail time.  Since
it’s an illegal drug made through questionable means, “purity” is going
to be highly unlikely, and what one may be taking could be laced with
something truly harmful.  MDMA interferes with the brain, and its effects
can affect you for your entire life.

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