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Equine Therapy Oceanside Malibu Treatment

Equine Therapy is unique in that it employs horses to assist in the facilitation of emotional growth and healing. It is a collaborative effort between a therapist specially trained in Equine Therapy , together with a horse professional, who work with patients to address treatment goals. The focus of Equine Therapy involves setting up activities that involve the horses to help achieve individual therapeutic measures based upon a client’s individual needs.
These activities require the patient to develop and apply certain skills. Outcomes anticipated at the end of therapy, but which are developed throughout its course, include some of the following: communication, confidence, assertiveness, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Equine Therapy helps facilitate taking personal responsibility, increased communication, improved teamwork skills, and relationship building.
Equine Therapy has been described as both a powerful and effective therapeutic technique with a tangible impact on individuals, couples, and families. At Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center is excited to offer this, among a broad range of treatment techniques, because it addresses a variety of psychological and developmental needs. This type of therapy has shown to help with behavioral issues, addictions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood or anxiety disorders, and personal relationships
Among one of our many objectives and techniques here at Oceanside Malibu, is to use Equine Therapy, with the facilitation of our Equine Therapist, Mark Frankle , to meet and consistently adapt to, the broad spectrum of emotional needs of our clients. We invite you to Contact Us anytime with any questions about Equine Therapy, our beautiful facility directly on the beach in Malibu, or any of our wide ranging treatment options for yourself, a loved one, or family member. We are always here to help guide you and provide information whenever you may need it.

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