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Recovery From Addiction Takes Time

Recovery From Addiction Takes Time_Oceanside Malibu

Lives that were cluttered with destruction and chaos, when actively using, are not necessarily quick to sort out. Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center can guide you to make demonstrable changes necessary in order to both embrace and maintain recovery. Before making outside changes, we must first go inward. Memories and feelings may be overwhelming during the …

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Anonymity In The Digital Age

Anonymity In The Digital Age_Malibu Treatment Center

Our culture increasingly has become even more digitized with technology. Our mobile phones have actually now become small portable computers. These tiny devices can quickly locate great restaurants, indicate memorable places to visit, and play our latest hit songs. Not only that, this micro circuitry takes portraits with greater clarity, brilliance, and speed than any …

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Genetic Determinism In Addiction

Genetic Determinism_Malibu Treatment Center

Some scientists suggest that genetic determinism is essentially the predictor of our future. They tend to lock us rather securely into our physical heritage through heredity.  So when it comes to addiction, these scientists tell us that if we have one parent who is an alcoholic or drug addict, we have a fifty percent chance …

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Finding Fulfilling Work In Recovery

Fulfilling Work In Recovery_Oceanside Malibu Treatment

Finding fulfilling work is an important part of one’s recovery. A successful career choice allows one to express passions and earn income. Working for one company for decades and then retiring with a pension, as past generations did, is history. Corporate loyalty is gone, replaced by a freelance marketplace in which everyone is always hustling …

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Oceanside Malibu Treatment_Change

The past may have influenced where you are today, but where you want to be tomorrow is up to you. No matter when, how, or why you started using or abusing drugs, at one point it became a learned behavior. You may have learned about drugs in your own family. For some, a family member …

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Loneliness & Isolation In Recovery

Loneliness In Recovery_Oceanside Malibu

People need people. That belief is universally accepted and shared by others. It has become the gold standard. Don’t get too lonely. Nonalcoholic members of the psychiatric profession tend to equate loneliness with boredom. If there is any one thing that must be included in the alcoholic’s life before he can once again become a …

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