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Derealization / Depersonalization

Depersonalization Treatment

When we’re dreaming, things normally don’t feel all that tangible. You can pick up your phone or a trophy or a puppy and they won’t feel as solid as those things would in the real world. Then, when you wake up and grab your phone to turn off the alarm, everything goes back to normal. …

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How Anxiety & Depression Are Similar

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety and depression in the clinical sense, you’ll know that they can feel really different. With anxiety, you’re all ramped up…and with depression, you’re very, very down. Yet they tend to go together. And a lot of medications, especially certain types of antidepressants, can be used to treat both. We still …

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Anhedonia: Not Feeling Pleasure In Sobriety


One of the major reasons why people relapse, especially in early recovery, is due to anhedonia and therefore a subsequent lack of knowledge of this issue . The best way to describe anhedonia is a state of ‘blah’.  A current dissatisfaction with sobriety or somebody’s current reality.  Anhedonia consists of two primary factors: The first …

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Fentanyl Facts

fentanyl treatment

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid painkiller.  It’s one of the most potent narcotics on the market and highly addictive. The fast-acting painkiller is prescribed for severe and chronic pain.  Prescription Fentanyl comes in the form of tablets, a nasal spray and lozenges. The most popular form of Fentanyl is a patch that releases the drug …

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Signs of Bipolar Disorder

bipolar treatment

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition where a person’s mood can swing from feeling veryhappy or “up” to very sad and “down.” The “up” mood is known as a manic episode and the “down” mood is called a depressive episode. The fluctuation between the two of these moods can cause a child to be hyper …

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