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Codependency Treatment Addiction Malibu

Codependency is a pattern of painful dependence on compulsive behavior and on approval seeking, in an attempt to gain safety, identity and self-worth. Codependency is a condition or state of being, that results from adapting to dysfunction (possibly addiction) in a significant other. It is a learned response to stress which, over a person’s lifetime, …

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What Is A Dual-Diagnosis?

Malibu Addiction Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The term dual diagnosis describes the presence of both mental health issues and the addiction to drugs or alcohol, the impact on daily functioning, complications related to a problem left untreated, and the impact on others. Understanding co-occurring disorders also poses questions for both the professional and the patient in determining what came first, genetic …

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Outpatient Treatment

Malibu Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Sucessfully completing inpatient drug and alcohol treatment may feel like an occasion to celebrate, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do. Recovering addicts are still at risk for relapse weeks, months and even years after the completion of addiction rehabilitation. Co-morbid disorders, such as a dual diagnosis, also increases the risk of …

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