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Holistic Addiction Recovery

Oceanside Malibu Holistic Recovery

A Holistic recovery approach to substance abuse recovery treatment centers on the entirety of a person. The focus is a balance of the spirit, mind, and body in order to achieve a healthy state of being. Oceanside Malibu offers various treatment approaches to help guide individuals or couples towards tailoring a unique treatment plan designed …

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Equine Therapy Malibu Addiction Treatment

Equine Therapy Oceanside Malibu Treatment

Equine Therapy is unique in that it employs horses to assist in the facilitation of emotional growth and healing. It is a collaborative effort between a therapist specially trained in Equine Therapy , together with a horse professional, who work with patients to address treatment goals. The focus of Equine Therapy involves setting up activities …

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Relapse & Addiction Treatment


While relapse may be common amongst addicts, it may also make it seem as though the cycle of drug abuse is inevitable and unending. The cycle of addiction however, is not always unending — it just takes a long time for the brain to heal. When the levels of important chemicals are measured in the …

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