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Depression Treatment

Overcoming Depression: Feeling Good Again with Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Depression: Learning to Feel Good Again
How Mindfulness can overcome depression, teach us how to ignore unwanted thoughts and help us choose what is healthy for ourselves.
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Addiction Recovery

Dealing with Relapse and Shame after Long Sobriety

Relapsing after Long Term Sobriety - Coping with Embarrassment and Shame
Relapse after long term sobriety: embarrassment is normal but shame and embarrassment can kill you if they keep you from getting the help you need. …
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Intervention Tip #2 – Assessing the Problem

Intervention Tip #2 - Assessing the Severity of the Addiction
How can you find a solution when you don’t understand the problem? By accurately assessing the severity of the addiction you are better able to …
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