May 12

What Is A Dual-Diagnosis?

The term dual diagnosis describes the presence of both mental health issues and the addiction to drugs or alcohol, the impact on daily functioning, complications related to a problem left untreated, and the impact on others. Understanding co-occurring disorders also poses questions for both the professional and the patients in determining what came first, genetic …

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May 05

Outpatient Treatment

Surviving drug and alcohol treatment is a definitely time to celebrate your achievements, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do. Recovering addicts are still at risk for relapse weeks, months and even years after the completion of rehabilitation. Co-morbid disorders, such as a dual diagnosis, also increases the risk of relapse into …

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Apr 22

Children Raised With Parental Substance Abuse

Addiction and alcoholism not only affect those who drink and drug, it also affects their loved ones in sometimes devastating ways. The children of alcoholics and addicts are often times traumatized by the experience of being raised in this environment. Unfortunately, once grown these ‘adult children’ may have difficulty separating the past from the present.  …

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Apr 14

Addiction Treatment Sober Coach

The Sober Coach bridges the gap between the recovery community and residential treatment facilities. Sober Coaches offer a level of responsibility and provide a measure of accountability that the recovery community cannot be expected to offer. A sober coach acts as a direct connection to the customer’s own daily environment, acting as a liaison to …

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Apr 06

The Family Disease

There is a direct link between family relationships and the potential for the development of adolescent substance abuse.  It has been shown that teens who were more likely to become addicts generally demonstrated a less close relationship with their parents than other young people.  One explanation may be that parents of drug users seem to …

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Mar 31


Some of people use the term ‘spirituality’ to describe a sense of inner or moral strength. Others use it to describe their belief in God.  While others again use it to describe the relationship between oneself and the things beyond them. For those who are new to recovery and for many who’ve been around a …

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