Jan 30

What Puts Someone At Risk For Addiction?

Although the use of alcohol and drugs among young people is widespread, only a relatively small percentage of people who try drugs develops addiction.  In many cases it can be difficult to identify particular markers that may lead to increased substance abuse risk and consequent addiction in adult life.  There are however, many factors we …

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Jan 23

Achieving Long-Term Recovery

Once abstinent from drugs and alcohol, a recovering person will still have problems and struggles. We still continue to learn about ourselves with each year.  A changed life brings changed issues.  However, the good news is that we are also able to see the things that happen to us with just a tiny bit more …

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Jan 15

Dual Diagnosis = Addiction + Mood Disorder

There is a strong correlation between addicts, alcoholics and mood disorder.  This is usually referred to as a dual diagnosis.  Some of the more common forms of mood disorders and the terms used to describe them are described here. Clinical or Major Depression, to be distinguished from feeling down or sad, to the extent that …

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Jan 06

Identifying Drug Addiction

Why is addiction so rampant?  The illness of addiction is cunning, baffling & powerful.  The process of drug addiction can be so subtle, that by the time one hits the final stages of addiction, it may be hard to pinpoint at what point exactly, you got there. Once drug use begins, the user maintains access …

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Dec 30

Relapse & Addiction Treatment

While relapse may be common amongst addicts, it may also make it seem as though the cycle of drug abuse is inevitable and unending. The cycle of addiction however, is not always unending — it just takes a long time for the brain to heal. When the levels of important chemicals are measured in the …

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Dec 21

Boundaries In Addiction Treatment

The disease of addiction causes havoc in all areas of people’s lives. Nothing is left untouched.  Usually it is the addicts’ closest relationships that suffer most…and longest.  A person can protect themselves while still supporting their loved ones, if they understand the need for healthy boundaries. For anyone involved with an active addict, you know …

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